Emotional Momentum

Recently we have had a chance to mull over our Sunday morning worship services.  It has been a time to reflect on God’s Word and to think about what we do, why we do it and what works well.

One aspect that we have talked about is momentum – intellectual and emotional.  There’s an element to which we are good at building intellectual momentum in our services; we think carefully about our themes and build on these throughout.  But we have perhaps not thought much about how right and godly emotions are associated with the wonderful truths of God and the gospel that we are considering and how these emotions might build and dissipate through a service.

And so, in a recent training session for those who will lead morning services, we have thought about what we’re calling ’emotional momentum builders’ and ’emotional momentum busters’.  What helps develop our thinking, our worship, our heart through a service?  And what kills the momentum dead?

Perhaps you have thoughts you want to add.

The handout for the session can be downloaded here.