Word To The Wise

From this Sunday, 4th March, we will be changing our church Bibles from the tNIV translation to the new NIV 2011 translation.  This new version has had some time to be evaluated and by and large has been well received by many evangelical churches.  Issues still continue about the use (or otherwise) of gender inclusive language, but here at Rock we are happy that the NIV 2011 is an excellent balance of translating the Bible into contemporary English which reads well in a congregational setting from the original Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic.

For Bible study, we recommend consulting a range of different English versions side-by-side.  You might want to consider using the Bible Gateway which will allow you to do this.  Or take a dip into the wonderful worlds of Greek and Hebrew study.

Also, if you find it helpful to read the Bible each day online, you might want to look at YouVersion.  They have some wonderful Bible reading plans.  And the plans come with a ‘Catch Me Up’ button in case you miss a day or two!  Why not set up your web browser to open on the YouVersion website and start each day by contemplating God’s Word.

May God’s Word be more precious to us than gold, and sweeter to us than honey from the comb. (Ps 19v10)

Here’s Prof. Doug Moo introducing the NIV 2011: