Independent But Not Isolated

I learned two little nuggets of trivia this week about Rock Baptist Church.  The first is that it is almost 12 years to the day when Rock became an independent church (having previously been an off-shoot congregation of Eden Baptist Church for many years).  Our commitment to church planting remains and our latest venture (with Eden incidentally) begins this week in the north of Cambridge – Grace Church.

The second little nugget of trivia is that the school we meet in has long roots in non-Conformity.  There was a time when higher education was the preserve of Anglicans in this country.  We non-Conformist Baptists were not allowed entry into the great educational establishments of Oxford and Cambridge Universities.  And so the non-Conformists took it upon themselves to open new educational facilities.  If Wikipedia is to be believed, Morley Memorial School, where we meet each Sunday, was one of those new facilities.  Non-Conformity is in our spiritual DNA and in our brickwork too it seems.

This Sunday marks a new chapter for us as a church.  We trust we won’t forget our reformed non-Conformist roots.  And we trust that God will enable us to plant many more independent churches in the years ahead.