God’s View of Marriage

Discussion concerning re-defining marriage in UK law has been an ever present feature of the political landscape through the summer months and into the political party conference season.  Whilst there is of course some conflict between the political parties, it is the internal discussion within the Conservative party which has proved to be of particular interest.  Prime Minister David Cameron has made plain his commitment to introducing same-sex marriage to the UK despite protestations from many within his party (see here and here by way of example).

This article is worth reading to understand more of the debate and what the Bible has to say to us today.  It is taken up with an analysis of the political and sociological arguments put for the re-definition of marriage.  This lengthy Cambridge Paper – ‘Redefining Marriage – the case for caution’ – is well worth a read.

You will find both a strong Biblical argument for maintaining the current definition of marriage in UK law, and a careful demolition of the most prevalent arguments for change.

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