Gender and Identity and Caitlyn Jenner

In the midst of much online debate over Bruce Jenner’s transformation into Caitlyn Jenner, here is a short article by Jasmine Holmes which brings warmth, clarity, and a helpful Christian perspective: We Long to Belong.  Here’s a taster:

Jenner and Dolezal are both bucking against the people that God created them to be. Neither one of them was born into the body that they would have preferred, and by changing their present status, they are trying to change a backstory that they never wrote in the first place. They are grasping to change the facts on a scantron and avoiding the true test.

As each one of us comes to terms with the intricacies of our backgrounds, we must embrace the fact that a master craftsman has chosen both our ethnicities and our genders for his glory. To try to live outside of those beautiful truths is to question our Creator, and to run from the purpose that he has given to every aspect of who we are — and the true joy that only he offers.