A Bird’s Eye View

Cambridge is a wonderful city to visit.  You can get lost in the small streets which make up the city centre, explore the cobbled roads and find the chic boutiques.  But it is great too to step back, or step up, and see the big picture, the view from above, to see the colleges stretching out into the distance.  Both perspectives are valuable and you can’t get to know the city well until you have seen both.

Week by week, here at Rock Baptist Church, we teach through the Bible, one book at a time, one small chunk at  time.  We value this careful and systematic Bible teaching.  We want to take God’s Word seriously because we love the Lord our God.  We want him to set the agenda and him to speak to us week by week.  This is our meat and drink.

The only problem with our approach is that sometimes we get to the end of a book of the Bible and we can’t quite remember how it began.  We try not to do this, but just sometimes we lose sight of the fact that each book of the Bible is a distinct piece of literature.

For that reason, we like to add an ‘overview’ of a book of the Bible into our teaching programme from time to time.  Like exploring Cambridge, it is good to submerge ourselves in the detail and it is good also to step up and see the big picture too.  Both perspectives help us better get to grips with God’s Word.

We would encourage such an approach in daily devotions too.  Don’t just read small chunks, a little at a time.  Read big chunks too.  Set aside an hour or more and read quickly through a book of the Bible.  See and enjoy the different perspective it brings.

In our evening services, we are currently enjoying a two-part overview of Mark’s gospel.  Here are the notes from the first week.  Have a read through Mark for yourself – it only takes about 45 minutes – and see if you spot the same themes.