Generous With Money (1 Cor 16 and 2 Cor 8)

Our series on Generosity continues and this week we considered what it means before God to be generous with our money.

As before, many of our homegroups are discussing this issue in the week ahead and so to aid discussion my sermon notes (GenerousGiving; 2Cor8) are available for download and the accompanying PowerPoint slides are below.

The above serves largely as an introduction to the grace of giving for Christians.  For further reflection, you might want (whether in homegroups or with friends) to consider how additional Biblical instructions add to the mix as we all consider our generosity in giving.

Take, for example, the Apostle Paul’s instructions to the church in Ephesus where Timothy has been sent.  See how principles concerning ensuring we provide for our families and not being an unnecessary burden on the church are worked out in 1 Tim 5:

7 Give the people these instructions, so that no one may be open to blame. 8 Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

And again:

16 If any woman who is a believer has widows in her care, she should continue to help them and not let the church be burdened with them, so that the church can help those widows who are really in need.

As one church member asked me at the end of the service, how are we both to be generous with our giving AND provide for our families AND save so that we won’t be a burden on others in old age?  There are no easy answers, but let’s pray together that God would give us grace and wisdom to puzzle these things through together.