Tim Farron Resigns as Leader of Lib Dems

I’m sure you’ve seen the news.  Tim Farron has stepped down as leader of the Liberal Democrat political party as he views his leadership of the party as incompatible with his faith in Christ.  Whether you’re supportive of his (and the Lib Dems) policies or not, his situation reveals much about our society’s willingness to tolerate and/or accept traditional Christian views on issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage.  It is concerning.

Do have a look at his resignation speech in full below:

Farren has written further on the matter in a short blog post for the Spectator here.

Lord David Alton’s, cross bench peer in the House of Lords and committed Christian, perspective on this turn of events is a valuable read.  But, if you can make the time, this analysis from Stephen Kneale deserves careful consideration.  (I don’t know Kneale and am not commending any other of his blog posts.)  Here’s a snippet:

The real irony here is that the progressivist keepers of liberalism are finding they are less tolerant and liberal than Evangelicals. For the Evangelical can maintain something is sinful, such as gay sex, whilst defending homosexual rights and loving their gay neighbour. Evangelicals know, better than most, that we all fall short of God’s standards. We are no less sinners than anyone else. If we are called by Christ to love our enemies, how much more readily can we love people who are not so much our enemies but just disagree with us? Just as we expect non-Christians to defend our right to believe, so we can defend their right to demur. It seems, however, the keepers of progressive liberalism cannot reciprocate. Not only will they not defend to the death your right to say what they dislike, they will insist you stop thinking it and will hound you until you recant at which point they will drive you from public life for not fulsomely affirming their predetermined views at the first time of asking.

Not only are we kidding ourselves if we think we live in a tolerant liberal society, the spirit of Voltaire is dead. Those who claim to be liberal are no longer any such thing.