Trouble Finding Nahum? You Need The Bible Book Bop

One of the unexpected consequences of studying a book such as Nahum is discovering just how difficult it can be to find those tiny Minor Prophets if you have never learned the books of the Bible.  At Rock, we try and spare visitors any embarrassment by announcing the page number for the morning’s reading.  But the truth is, it helps all of us when we cannot find the the right place.

Some of us learned the order of the books of the Bible at Sunday School when we were little.  Others however missed out on that treat and have floundered ever since.  So, as we study Nahum, why not use it as a God-given opportunity to learn to navigate around His Word?

Here’s a fun song for children that is easily memorable for adults too: The Bible Book Bop!

It even comes with actions (see below).  Why not try and learn it as a family in the coming weeks?