“It’s the Gospel truth – so take it or leave it”

All has been quiet on the blog over the Christmas period, but this article published in the Telegraph online on Christmas Day is worth a read.  Having surveyed what appears to be the decline of the Christian church in the West, AN Wilson goes on to state some wonderful conclusions about the Gospel of Christ:

The paradox is that growing or shrinking numbers do not tell you anything. The Gospel would still be true even if no one believed it. The hopeful thing is that, where it is tried – where it is imperfectly and hesitantly followed – as it was in Northern Ireland during the peace process, as it is in many a Salvation Army hostel this Christmas, as it flickers in countless unseen Christian lives, it works. And its palpable and remarkable power to transform human life takes us to the position of believing that something very wonderful indeed began with the birth of Christ into the world.