Children Desiring God at Rock Bible Club

Over the past year or so we have been slowly introducing each of our Rock Bible Club (Sunday school) classes to the Children Desiring God syllabus and we’ve been delighted with the results.  It’s unlike so much other Sunday school class material out there.  But it is wonderful.  Here’s why…

1. We love the high aims for the course.  This isn’t material simply to inform young minds – though it does that in abundance.  This is material written to stir young hearts in love and adoration for their God.  We love that emphasis and are seeing the fruit week-by-week in our children and young people.

This is from the CDG website:

We believe in teaching that engages the mind, yet aims for a right heart response to the truth. It is our intention to interact with the Word in such a way as to inform the mind and increase knowledge, but then to persist in challenging the student to personally embrace and practically apply truth to his own life (James 1:22-25). It is our prayer and aim in ministry that students come to saving and living faith.

2.  We love the ambition of the course.  There is a good variety of doctrinally sound material for children in any half-decent Christian bookshop.  But we’ve been bowled over by the ambition of the CDG course to communicate wonderful and deep truths of God to our children and teenagers.  It has been eye-opening to see just how much of an appetite our children have for in-depth learning and a great encouragement to see how much our teachers get from their preparations.  Again from the CDG website:

We believe in giving students big truths expressed and explained in easily understood terms and illustrations. Difficult doctrines are not to be avoided, but are to be taught in a manner that is age-appropriate and creatively engaging in the hope that the Holy Spirit will grant understanding and growth through the faithful teaching of the Word (Acts 20:26-28; 2 Timothy 2:7).

3.  We love the involvement the course develops with parents.  I’m not sure I have come across material before which explicitly states that ‘We believe that parents are the primary teachers of their children, and that it is our privilege to help churches partner with them (Deuteronomy 6:6-7).’  That is proving something of a culture shift for us as a church – for parents to use the material their children are learning each week in family devotions through the week – but what a blessing it is!

4.  We love the way God is building our children and teenagers through this new course.  Children are praying aloud with confidence – even at whole church prayer meetings.  They are asking their parents the kinds of questions you long and pray for your children to be asking.  They are keen to read and learn the Bible.

The course material is expensive.  And in places it does seem particularly geared towards the North American church.  We are having to Anglicise it in places and, since as a church we don’t share the particular convictions regarding 7x24hour day creation it presents, we are changing the material slightly in places.  But, these minor criticisms aside, we have been hugely blessed in adopting the course and will continue to roll it out through for our 0-18 year old programme.

Pray with us that God would work powerfully through His Word and by His Spirit in the hearts and minds of our children and teenagers.

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