CICCU’s Mission Week – A View from a Guest

The Christian Union at the University of Cambridge (or CICCU as its known) held a ‘mission week’ earlier this month entitled ‘This is Jesus‘.  You can see a video used to advertise the events at the bottom of this post.

One student, Hannah Wilkinson, not a part of CICCU and not a Christian herself, went along to the events and wrote up her experiences in a fascinating article for the university’s ‘Varsity’ newspaper.  I’d recommend you read the whole article for yourself.  The following paragraph stood out for me:

‘My mood improves when I meet Bethany Sherwood from Murray Edwards who, like everyone else, is disarmingly friendly. Being a Christian in Cambridge helps her walk through the valley of stress and have no fear. “It’s great that my self-esteem doesn’t depend on my essays, it doesn’t depend on what my supervisor says, it doesn’t depend on grades.” Bethany gets all the support she needs from Jesus. For the first time I understand why people want to be a part of this community. The non-stop Cambridge game of one-upmanship, which I seem to be constantly losing, doesn’t seem to have found its way here, and the holier-than-thou atmosphere I expected has not materialised.’

I don’t know who Bethany Sherwood is, but I praise God for her.

This is Jesus: Something More from CICCU on Vimeo.