Confident in God’s Word

Just occasionally some ‘celebrity’ pastor says something which is so profoundly wrong that it becomes worth highlighting simply as a means of better understanding what’s actually true.  And now is the turn of the Rev Steve Chalke.  Chalke has recently made a video in which, in an attempt to defend the place of the Bible in the church, he seems to depart entirely from a traditional evangelical view of Scripture.  Here’s the video – but please don’t just watch this video.  Do read on to the good stuff below!

Restoring Confidence in the Bible from Oasis UK on Vimeo.

In response, Dr Dan Strange of Oakhill College has written very helpfully in a post on the Oakhill blog.  It’s worth reading in full.  In addition, the FIEC has filmed an interview with Dan which clarifies the issues.  Put together, Dan’s words are a wonderful corrective and help us evangelicals take confidence in the Bible.