Welcoming Church

We are not a perfect church, but I have to say that I think we are pretty good at making guests feel at home amongst us.  But, as in all things, we could do better.  To that end, Mike Houle’s wonderfully practical top tips are good to read and reflect on.  Here’s my favourite:

8. Just Don’t Stand There, Talk to Them! All of our welcome people and leaders are instructed to not just say hi to those entering, but to talk to them. Ask them questions, for example, how are you today or is there anything we can answer for you about our church? Or even ask them about the weather or the Packers. (I am from Wisconsin. Trust me it makes a difference.) The point is to engage them in conversation, even a brief one. Imagine being invited into a home, walking into the home, and being ignored. Too often we miss this simple fact of treating people like we want to be treated. So, go ahead and talk to them!