Don Carson – Eight Summarising Words on The Gospel

Don Carson has written an article for which is really worth your time and energies to read through.  He looks at 1 Cor 15:1-19 and, as the title suggests, proposes eight terms which characterise the gospel of Christ.  It is a stimulating and edifying read.  Here’s a snippet to encourage you to read the whole thing:

“[There is a] tendency to assume the gospel, whatever that is, while devoting creative energy and passion to other issues—marriage, happiness, prosperity, evangelism, the poor, wrestling with Islam, wrestling with the pressures of secularization, bioethics, dangers on the left, dangers on the right—the list is endless. This overlooks the fact that our hearers inevitably are drawn toward that about which we are most passionate. Every teacher knows that.

My students are unlikely to learn all that I teach them; they are most likely to learn that about which I am most excited. If the gospel is merely assumed, while relatively peripheral issues ignite our passion, we will train a new generation to downplay the gospel and focus zeal on the periphery. It is easy to sound prophetic from the margins; what is urgently needed is to be prophetic from the center.”