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Cambridge is internationally famous for its academic institutions and so we can meet people from many different parts of the world here.  This includes a significant Japanese presence.  There are those studying or doing research, while some are here for business.  In most cases they are here with family members.  Then there are the English students at one of the many language schools in the city.  Finally there are numbers of long-term residents as well as many Japanese tourists.

At Rock we have been blessed over the years by having people who help those from Japan adjust to life in Cambridge, as well as giving them opportunities to hear and understand the message of the Christian faith.

Roger and J Nam Stevens are members of OMF International Diaspora ministries and reach out to Japanese in Cambridge and beyond.  Before this they served in Japan for 14 years with OMF.  Although based at Rock, they also network widely with other churches and groups such as Friends International.

Activities include:

* organising Japanese food parties and other social events, to welcome and befriend Japanese.

* leading individual or small group Bible studies in Japanese or bi-lingual format.

* introducing Japanese language and bilingual Christian resources (Bibles, tracts, books, DVD’s, websites etc).

*  teaching and training local Christians how to understand and minister to Japanese (books and other resources available).

*  running a Japan Interest Group (JIG) which meets for prayer

* leading the Cambridge Japanese Christian Fellowship.

* helping to prepare new believers (or ‘seekers’) for their return to Japan and linking them up with Christians and churches in their home area.

If you want to know more or have a question of any kind at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!  Contact: Roger & J Nam Stevens at  Roger.Stevens@omfmail.com.


(Rock also supports Tim and Miho Walker who are missionaries with OMF in Japan and has links with other missionaries and church leaders in Japan.)

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