Pod’s story – from Sikhism to Christ

Pod Bhogal works as the Head of Communications for UCCF. He was recently interviewed about his coming to faith in Christ having been brought up in a Sikh family. You can read his story here. Below is an extract:

When I was 12 years old my parents went through a very difficult divorce. This was made all the more complex as divorce within our – culturally Indian – family context was unheard of. My mother found herself isolated from the family and local community and this was a very painful time. Mum was eventually befriended by a Christian colleague called Anne. Anne would visit us weekly and pray and read the Bible with my mum. She’d also help my mum do all the practical task my dad used to do like pay the electricity bills, manage a budget, etc. My mum eventually became a believer – as did my sister. I – however – felt very angry at God and the world.
It wasn’t until I was 19 years old that a Christian friend of my mine offered to read through a gospel with me and that’s when I met Jesus again.
I had – for many years – been friends with Christians my mum and sister had met through the local church. I was always impressed with how kind they were to our family and how they’d taken care of my mum and sister in light of dad not being around. I considered that perhaps this joy and patience they had in abundance might have been because they were Christian. Whatever it was, I was miserable and I wanted it too. So, I agreed to read John’s gospel with a friend. I was struck by Jesus’s kindness, generosity and warmth to outsiders. We talked about the question that had bothered me since I was eight – why did Jesus die? The journey towards becoming a Christian took a long time. But, in the end, I got my answers and could offer no more resistance. I was 24 when I became a Christian.