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Again our friends at 10ofthose.com have produced more great material.  This time it’s a short, useful video with Paul Williams which helps us overcome some of our fears about sharing Jesus in personal conversations.  Well worth taking a moment to have a look…  

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Cambridge’s own Dr Peter Williams, Warden at Tyndale House, has an expertise in NT studies, Koine Greek and Bible translation, and lectures here for the Lanier Theological Library.  If you want to hear of the latest research concerning the authenticity of the NT gospels, then make a cup of tea, sit back and press ‘play’.

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Pod's story - from Sikhism to Christ

Pod Bhogal works as the Head of Communications for UCCF. He was recently interviewed about his coming to faith in Christ having been brought up in a Sikh family. You can read his story here. Below is an extract: When I was 12 years old my parents went through a very difficult divorce. This was [...]

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