I’m Just Looking

Welcome – we hope that you’ll find this a really good opportunity to ask questions or to find out more about the Christian faith.

If you’d like to meet up with someone to talk about any issues to do with the Christian faith or about life in general we’d be very happy to arrange that.  Please contact our Pastor, Mike Partridge, who will sort something out for you.

Our Christianity Explored course will help you to do this.  To indicate even a vague interest contact Mike Partridge.

Why should I bother to look into this?

As Christians we believe that the God we worship is the only true God and that He is the one who has made all things, including everyone who has ever lived.  We recognise that this is a huge claim and that it is a claim that should be considered with great care, not just taken on trust.

If true however, it means that the Christian faith is relevant to every person on the planet – it also means that the good news that is at the heart of the Christian faith is to be offered to everyone.

Christianity Explored









We’d be very happy to help you explore the claims of Jesus Christ. One excellent way of doing this is through a course called Christianity Explored.  If you think you might be interested please contact us.

We run this course regularly but would be very happy to meet with you individually if you prefer to talk more and perhaps answer any questions you have about anything to do with faith in Jesus Christ.