Lessons in Sickness

Having visited a friend in hospital recently, God seems to have brought into my view two wonderful (and short) articles by godly men on lessons God teaches us through difficult times.

First, there are these nine lessons from JC Ryle.  Each worth reflecting on.  Most significant to me at the time I first read was this:

5. To send us to our Bibles. That blessed Book, in the days of health, is too often left on the shelf, becomes the safest place in which to put a bank-note, and is never opened from January to December. But sickness often brings it down from the shelf and throws new light on its pages.

And then, from a contemporary church leader and teacher, there are these 10 lessons from John Piper following his recent hospital stay.  Lesson 9 is this:

9. Let the self-revelation of Jesus as the good physician be sweet to your soul, and preach to yourself that this light momentary affliction is working for you an eternal weight of glory.

How blessed we are to have easy access to such great encouragement.  I trust a friend will direct me back to these lessons when illness strikes.