Ministering to the middle classes

Do make time to read this fascinating article in which Jeremy Walker considers the particular challenges of gospel ministry to the British middle classes.  It is interesting in part since his analysis resonates with many of our efforts as a church here at Rock Baptist Church.

Having outlined the challenges, Walker rightly acknowledges that underpinning them are the same issues which lead to challenges in outreach in all communities – the sinfulness of the human heart.  And that is truly universal.

“You cannot glamorise the gospel ministry in any place. The fact is this: up and down every country, behind every door and under every rock, in every social class, behind the make-up of the whore and the society princess, under the street uniform of the thug and the suit uniform of the banker, lurks precisely the same lifeless and sin-spewing heart. Every man and woman, boy and girl, is by nature dead in trespasses and sins. Every one of them lies beyond every power to deliver them apart from God working by his Spirit through the gospel of Christ preached to every creature. All of them need the good news.”