small talk to BIG TALK


We were delighted to have Roger Carswell with us at Rock
to explore how we can better share the Good News of Jesus
with our friends, family, neighbours and colleagues.

Roger has served the Church as an itinerant evangelist since 1983.  He spends much of his time leading church and university missions at home and overseas as well as equipping Christians to effectively share the gospel of Christ with confidence.

If you missed the sessions or need a reminder, you can listen to them here:

Session 1 – Obstacles to our witnessing: Roger Carswell Session 1 Saturday 23 June 2012
Session 2 – Tips for evangelistic conversations: Roger Carswell Session 2 Saturday 23 June 2012
Session 3 – Church-wide evangelistic strategy: Roger Carswell Session 3 Saturday 23 June 2012
Tips for evangelism from Sunday morning: Roger Carswell tips for evangelism Sunday 24th June 2012
If you don’t know Roger, you can get a flavour for what he’s like in the clip below: