Why use the NIV 2013 translation of the Bible?

If you weren’t around in Rock when we explained why we were making the change from the tNIV Bible translation to the NIV 2013, here’s an excellent  article  from the FIEC on why the updates made to the NIV were good and useful.  The article is worth reading in full, but, if you’re short on time, see the summary below:

The NIV has been helpfully updated to reflect progress in our understanding of the Biblical text, to improve the clarity of its English, and to reflect the context in which it is being used. All three are a must for a faithful and practical translation, and we can be grateful for the work of the committee that continues to oversee the NIV. Is it perfect? By no means. But no Bible translation is. And to the relief of us all, God can do great things with imperfect tools!